How to Remove Hidden Toxins from Your Body

How to Remove Hidden Toxins from Your Body

Did you know that we put toxins and chemicals into and on our bodies every single day?⁠

From the food we eat, the products we use on our skin (makeup, perfume and soap) the pharmaceuticals we use and much more…

These toxins can impact our:⁠

  • Overall health⁠
  • Digestive system
  • ⁠Endocrine system (hormones)⁠
  • Daily productivity⁠
  • Skin breakouts ⁠
  • Sleep quality and ⁠
  • Immune system!⁠

As part of our 6 week mini program inside the Healthstyle Emporium, we learnt so much gold to help us eliminate toxins from our bodies and our environment!⁠

Here are 2 types of toxins that could be poisoning your body.


1) Emotional Toxins (Stress & Anxiety)

Did you know that stress and anxiety are some of the biggest toxins we have circling around our bodies, and impact many of our bodily systems.

⁠Being constantly on edge, stressed or anxious (whether it be your job, a toxic relationship, etc) can reduce the effectiveness of your:⁠
– Metabolism⁠
– Digestive system⁠
– Reproductive system and⁠
– Sleep.⁠

Heightened cortisol and adrenaline levels in our bodies can also lead to weight gain, fat storage and also big mood swings & exhaustion. ⁠It can also create havoc for our hormones.

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So the question is:

Are you in tune with your body? Do you allow time to unwind and relax? 

⁠⁠If you need help in these areas or would love to learn more about⁠
– Nutrition & eating better⁠,
– Mindset⁠,
– Exercise,⁠
– Stress⁠,
– Hormones & Women Cycles⁠,

If you’d like to lear more about nutrition, mindset, exercise, stress, hormones and women cycles, enter your details below so you can learn more about the program.

Take one step closer to being a happier and healthier version of you.


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2) Chemical Toxins (Products) 

It’s crazy to think how many products we put into and on our bodies without even taking a second to think about how they could be impacting our health.

Are you conscious of what you put into your body each day?

Are you selective of the foods you eat?

Do you know what ingredients are in your makeup, perfume, soaps or moisturisers?


Contrary to what many of us believe, there are various types of “food” that can be harmful to our health.

Some foods contain toxins including packaged and frozen meals with preservatives, fresh produce that has been sprayed with pesticides / chemicals and foods that contain lot of added fillers and ingredients.

The problem is that when consumed on a daily basis, these foods are not good for our health. They fill our bodies with unnecessary toxins which can take quite some time to eradicate.

When I was travelling, I was so surprised at the number of backpackers who live of 2-minute noodles & cereal ? Although it’s convenient, it really doesn’t give our bodies the nutrition it needs.⁠



Did you know?

  • Our skin is our largest bodily organ?
  • And just like our gut, it absorbs everything you put on it?⁠

This is why it is so important to consider what you are also putting on your body.

Soaps, moisturisers, deodorants, makeup, fake tan, perfume and sunscreen can contain various chemicals and toxins that we’re not even aware about. ⁠

It can be worthwhile checking the ingredients of the products you use regularly and ensure that majority of the ingredients are nature or not harmful if absorbed.



What products do you use to clean your house?

– Do you use enviro friendly products?⁠
– Do you use natural products?⁠
– Do you use traditional household products?⁠

A little tip I learned was to mix a dash of white wine vinegar with some water & a drop of lemon essential oil, rather than using pre-made home cleaning products.⁠ I’m definitely going to give that one a try!!⁠


When you’re feeling sick, what do you do?

Do you:⁠
– Pop a Panadol or aspirin?⁠
– Use the healing properties of foods, herbs & spices?⁠
– Go to your doctor for a case of antibiotics?⁠

All of these things are so important to consider, because they do impact your overall health and well-being.

From weight gain to digestion, hormones and our skin – toxins can be harmful to the normal functioning of our bodies.⁠

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How You Can Removing Toxins from Your Environment & Start Living a Healthier Life

  • Need to start making some changes to your current lifestyle?
  • Want to become a happier and healthier version of you?
  • Want to live longer so you have more time for your family or loved ones?
  • Wish for more energy to give more love and happiness to those around you?

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Flooding your body with a wide range of whole food nutrition every day and reducing the toxins you put into your body is so important.

Doing so will help you to bridge the gap between the nutrition you’re getting from your food and the nutrition our bodies actually need for optimum health and performance. It will also give you’re body a break from all the nasties, so that it can focus it’s energy on the good.

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