10 Natural Remedies for Anxiety & Stress Relief

10 Natural Remedies for Anxiety & Stress Relief

Since the age of 16 anxiety and stress have been a common occurrence for me. 
Just like many of you I’m sure…

At this age you start to enter the world of VCE (Year 11 and 12) and all of a sudden you’re required to decide exactly what you want to do for the rest of your life…AND start making plans to get realise it…

All within those last 2 years of school – crikey! Talk about pressure.

Then by the time you’re 18, you’re required to start “adulting”, which can come as quite a shock to some of us.

  • No more pocket money….
  • No more parents driving us around when we feel like it….
  • No more packed lunches…
  • No more 2 week boyfriends… (ok maybe that was just me)
  • And you officially get your drivers license….

Eeee shits getting serious….

Then, as we enter our 20’s we hit that point where we need to make some big life decisions including whether we go to uni (for most), work full-time, buy a house or even starting a family.

To be honest, life in my early teens had been pretty sweet, but once I turned 16, I was hit with a mass of self-inflicted stress and anxiety.

The kind of stress and anxiety that has a massive toll on our bodies – yep you know what I’m talking about…

It was in my 20’s that I started to discover natural remedies for stress and anxiety, and goodness me, it was one of the best things I did.

So here’s an insight into 10 helpful natural remedies for stress and anxiety.


10 Natural Remedies for Anxiety & Stress Relief

If you know me personally, you’d know I’m not a big fan of taking prescription medications. This is why I rely on natural remedies and techniques to help cope with my anxiety and stress symptoms.

It may not be the be end all solution for everyone…I get that.

But, these natural remedies can definitely help you to reduce your symptoms, even if used along more conventional medicines.

So without further ado, let’s kick straight into it.

P.S > If you prefer to watch videos over reading text you can also check out the video below:


1. Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness Meditation– originally an ancient Buddhist practice used by various religions around the world, but as of the last few years, has become a mainstream therapy for treating stress and anxiety.

It is a great natural technique where you’re key focus is to bring yourself into the present moment, and usually involves bringing your attention to your breath.

There are many scientifically proven benefits of meditation, including its ability to:

  • Provide stress and anxiety relief
  • Slow racing thoughts and overthinking
  • Help you gain greater clarity, focus and concentration
  • Promote greater happiness, well-being, a positive mindset, greater quality of life and inner peace
  • Lower blood pressure, cholesterol and your risk of heart disease and stroke
  • Help improve sleep and insomnia
  • Improves your resilience and patience,

For anxiety sufferers, the practice of mindfulness is an easy technique to add to your daily routine.

Types of Meditation - Loving Kindness Meditation Image

How to Meditate for Beginners

If you’d like to learn how to meditate, but need help grasping the basics, I encourage you to sign up for our “Journey to Calm” Meditation Course for Beginners.

This course is awesome because it not only teaches you how to meditate, but also helps you overcome many of the challenges newbies experience and build a fool-proof meditation routine.

You can read more about the Journey to Calm course here.


2. Get Off Your Phone!

It’s easy to forget how dependent we’ve become with the technology in our lives. Often most apparent by the immediate panic and worry that we feel when we think we’ve lost our phone. Followed shortly by the relief when we realise it’s been sitting right next to us the whole time…

Phew, the relief! 

This constant need to check our electronic devices, regardless of whether there’s an alert or not, can trigger feelings of anxiety. Even just idly scrolling through social media feeds and comparing your life to others can make you feel a sense of stress.

Sometimes it worries me with how intensely people’s phones seem to control them.

And, no! I don’t mean in a crazy sci-fi thriller kind of way.

What I mean is how so many of us multi-task with our phones:

  • Watching TV…but also scrolling the social feeds on our phones
  • Typing a task at work…and then suddenly feeling the need to check our phone
  • Walking down the street…with our face in our phones not even looking where we’re gong
  • And the worst of them all, driving….and texting on the phone.

Look guys, I admit I’m no angel! I’ve been a sucker for all of these things too.

But it’s something we all need to mindful of, especially if we’re wanting to reduce stress and anxiety on our bodies.



3. Get Yourself Some Herbal Teas

Yeah, yeah. You’ve probably heard about the power of herbal teas before.

But, as a natural remedy for anxiety, herbal teas are just so simple and easy to add into your daily life.

They’re not expensive and some have been scientifically proven to reduce stress and anxiety symptoms; promoting relaxation and improving sleep.

A study conducted by the University of Pennsylvania Medical Center, in Philadelphia, revealed that patients with generalised anxiety disorder (GAD) who took chamomile supplements for eight weeks, saw a significant reduction in their anxiety symptoms versus patients taking a placebo.

That’s why chamomile tea can be a great natural remedy to look into if you need help relaxing and de-stressing in the evening.

4. Essential Oils & Aromatherapy

Essential oils are another natural therapy that can be used for stress and anxiety relief. It is one I absolutely LOVE and rely on almost daily.

Of the many essential oils out there, Lavender, Chamomile and Cedarwood are known to help:

  • Reduce your heart rate
  • Reduce tension in the body
  • Promote relaxation
  • Improve sleep

Another great thing about essential oils is that they can be used in such a variety of ways to relieve stress and anxiety.

They can be smelt, inhaled, burned, diffused, put in a bath, dabbed on your skin, put on your pillow etc.

But just remember, this is mainly for essential oils only. Many fragrance oils are not recommended for your skin or in the bath so be aware of this when looking to buy some new oils.

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5. Spend Time in Nature or With Animals

Why is it that we feel so refreshed and happy after spending some time outside and amongst nature?

Well, a key reason is that nature including waterfalls and streams are known to release negative ions into their air.

Once negative Ions reach our bloodstream, they produce biochemical reactions that increase levels of serotonin in our brain. This is said to help alleviate depression, relieve stress and boost our daytime energy.

So, if you’re feeling stressed or anxious – take a moment to get outside and go for a walk in a nature reserve or park.

You’ll feel so much better for it.

In addition to getting up and close with nature, pets are also great for reducing stress. They offer companionship, love and support.

Research has shown that pets can be beneficial to people experiencing a variety of mental health issues, including anxiety.


6. Himalayan Salt Lamps

Himalayan Salt Lamps have become increasingly popular over the last few years.

They are believed to have numerous benefits, including their ability to counteract the positive ions released by many electronic appliances in our home environments.

Himalayan Salt Lamps are also believed to:

  • Improve mood and reduce stress or anxiety symptoms
  • Purify the air; restoring and preserving natural air quality
  • Correct the imbalance of ions in our home environments
  • Neutralise the Electro Magnetic Field (EMF) that we get in our homes, due to having extensive electrical devices surrounding us
  • Reduce symptoms of asthma, allergies and other illnesses
  • Improve sleep
  • Increase energy levels
  • Boost serotonin levels

Himalayan Lamps provide similar benefits to what we discussed above about nature and negative ions. However, they provide those benefits in the comfort of your own home.

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7. Exercise

Yeah, yeah. Another one you’ve probably heard of before.

However, for me this one has been HUGE!!

In my case, I need to exercise at least 3-4 times a week in order to keep a lid on the box of my anxiety monster.

If I miss a day or can’t exercise for a week due to sickness or another event, I immediately notice a change in my anxiety levels. Something inside me just feels different and my mind can start to race unnecessarily.

As has been proven on many occasions, regular exercise is good for the brain and is a powerful cure for both depression and anxiety – immediate and in the long term.

Some even say that just 20 – 30 mins of exercise daily can help to reduce anxiety symptoms.

This could include a brisk walk during your lunch break or a quick gym session before or after work. it doesn’t need to be a burden on your life. Especially if you’re not really one who is very keen on exercise.

My advice is to just DO IT!!

Stop being a lazy couch potato, get your heart rate up and let’s burn off some of that anxious energy!


8. Eat a Healthy Diet

Most of us are aware of the importance of a healthy diet. It’s not exactly a new concept.

Yet, with the amount of conflicting information about health and diet on the internet, it’s no wonder we’re all confused about what to do.

From an anxiety perspective, diet can have a HUGE impact on your energy levels and nerves.

For anxiety sufferers, it is recommended that you focus your diet on:

  • Whole foods
  • Lean Meats & Seafood
  • Leafy Greens
  • Foods rich in omega-3
  • Reducing your sugar intake
  • Reducing caffeine and alcohol

According to Dr. Ramsey, the co-author of “The Happiness Diet, “people get more anxious and irritable when they are hungry.”

I don’t disagree with you there, Doctor. I definitely get anxious and #HANGRY when I’m hungry. Bring on the meal…

In the book, they also highlight how during anxiety attacks, our blood sugar can start to drop.

This is why having a snack can be the best thing to do if you feel your symptoms coming on (but of course, avoid unhealthy sugary snacks).

Over the last year, I’ve cut out quite a bit of sugar from my diet. So, now, when eating something naughty like a chocolate bar or a snack high in sugar, my heart starts to race and I feel anxious.

This never used to happen to me before!!

I believe it’s related to the sudden hit of energy you get from consuming sugar. This is why I now try to avoid eating those things as best I can.

Note: Being a chocoholic, this can be really hard!!


9. Relaxation Exercises

Breathing deeply and also engaging in other relaxation exercises such as body scanning and stretching can help to relieve tension in the body as a result of stress or anxiety.


Yogic/Deep Breathing

If you suffer from anxiety, deep breathing is a great habit to get into. Also termed “yogic breathing” or the “4-7-8 breath”, deep breathing has been shown to effectively reduce stress and anxiety.

One reason it works is that you can’t breathe deeply and be anxious at the same time. It also helps to slow down your body.

To do the 4-7-8 breath:

  • Exhale completely through your mouth
  • Then inhale through your nose for a count of four.
  • Hold your breath for a count of seven
  • Now let it out slowly through your mouth for a count of eight.
  • Repeat several times in a row until you start to notice that you feel a greater sense of calm.

Body Scanning – Relaxing Different Muscle Groups

Some people unconsciously tense muscles in their body, such as clenching their jaw, in response to anxiety. To combat this, try lying in a comfortable position on the floor, close your eyes and scan your body from head to toe.

Can you identify any areas in particular that feel tense?

If so, slowly constrict and relax each muscle group, beginning with the toes and working up to the shoulders and jaw. Do this for a few moments.


10. Self-Care – Making Time for the Things You Love!

Ever wonder why you feel so relaxed after treating yourself to some time in a sauna, a bath, or a steam room? Or even just by cozying up to a fire with a cup of tea?

Well, the sense of relaxation you feel is associated with the release of tension from your body as a result of feeling warm.

Research suggests that sensations of warmth boost mood and reduce feelings of stress and anxiety.

One study in particular, revealed that “whether lying on the beach in the midday sun on a Caribbean island, grabbing a few minutes in the sauna or spa after work, or sitting in a hot bath or Jacuzzi in the evening, we often associate feeling warm with a sense of relaxation and well-being.”

In addition to seeking some warmth, allocating time for self-care and downtime is really important as part of our weekly routines.

Whether it’s watching a movie, painting your nails, getting a massage, meditation, yoga or going for a walk, making the time for these things will help to make you feel much more relaxed.

I guarantee it!


So, there you have it, 10 Natural remedies for anxiety & stress relief.

I hope that you now have some ideas of things you can try to aid in managing your anxiety naturally.

Note: When trying these remedies, keep in mind that some remedies may work better for you than others. Everyone is different. Ensure to try several different remedies before deciding if they work for you.

For chronic anxiety sufferers, you may want to suss out some other treatment options as highlighted below.

Other than that, I wish you all the best with giving natural remedies a go!!

If you would like to learn more about meditation, we cover this an more in our free Journey to Calm course below. 



Other Treatment Options

For those who suffer from chronic anxiety, you may require some additional treatment or therapy to prevent anxiety from interfering with your daily functioning. This is where it can be necessary to seek advice from a doctor about your symptoms.

The great thing is that Anxiety is becoming much less of a taboo topic these days. So, don’t feel awkward about seeing someone about it.

Even though mine isn’t chronic, I went and got some therapy myself (in the earl days).

It helped me to identify my triggers and make positive lifestyle changes. 

It could be the same for you!

You can also try Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) which has also been very effective for anxiety sufferers. I personally haven’t tried this though.

CBT is all about helping you to understand how your thoughts affect your emotions and behaviour. And then, replacing those reactions with positive or constructive alternatives.

Finally, there is always medication. However, for me, this would be my last resort. But maybe it’s the best solution for you.

Speak to a doctor and they will be able to help you to explore your options.

All the best!!

Real vs. Fake Himalayan Salt Lamps & How to Tell the Difference

Real vs. Fake Himalayan Salt Lamps & How to Tell the Difference

If you’re like me, I imagine you love the idea of having a Himalayan Salt Lamp… Sure, they’re beautiful, give off a soothing calming glow and can act as great decor in your home.

BUT, did you know?

Some of you who have already bought a Himalayan Salt Lamp, could be treasuring a FAKE without even realising it!

This means that rather than receiving the associated benefits of a REAL Himalayan Salt Lamp, all you’re getting is a big….shiny…dud.

funny monkey meme



So why the rise in Fake Himalayan Salt Lamps??

Due to the increasing popularity of Himalayan Salt Lamps, more and more deceptive suppliers are entering the market to try and pinch a piece of the pie. And by pie…yep, I mean your money!!

Here are some key things to look out for when buying a salt lamp so you can reduce your likelihood of wasting your hard-earned money on something that brings you VERY little benefit.


So let’s get started shall we…


6 Ways to Differentiate Between a Real vs. Fake Himalayan Salt Lamps


1. The Salt Lamp is Super Cheap 

Many of us tend to think that online shopping is all about getting things for cheaper – well compared to buying in-store anyway. But when it comes to Himalayan Salt Lamps, you don’t want to fall into that trap.

Salt lamps being sold online at a “too good to be true” price…. are usually exactly that: TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE!

This is why seeing a super cheap salt lamp can be a red flag. Especially if way cheaper than other competitors with similar products.

Also, if you see anything that is being advertised as “white crystal” and is really cheap. Again, beware!

Authentic white crystal salt lamps are rare and should not come cheap. That’s why, I tend to stick to the normal pinky orange salt lamps, unless you want to buy from a speciality store and/or know what price it should be marked at.


2. The Salt Lamp is Highly Durable

Authentic Himalayan salt lamps should be handled with care, as they are usually very delicate. After all, they are made of salt…and salt crystals damage easily. 

If your Himalayan Salt Lamp appears to be highly durable and resistant to damage it could be a fake. Parts of the salt lamp should look as though they could break or scratch off.

Obviously, I don’t suggest testing this out by throwing your salt lamp to the floor, but it’s just something to be mindful of.


3. There’s a Lack of Customer Service, Warranty or Product Returns

Given the fragile nature of Salt Lamps, most credible suppliers will have a good returns policy and provide compassionate customer service.

These suppliers know how fragile their products are and are aware of the possibility of them being damaged during transit and delivery.

If you come across a supplier who clearly states “NO RETURNS”, your internal alarm bell should start ringing.

They could be illegitimate and not offer returns because they are fully aware that their products are NOT the real deal or are poor quality.

This may not always be the case (each supplier can have different conditions for product returns), but it’s something to keep an eye out for. If there are no reviews (unless a brand new product), I personally wouldn’t risk it.



4. The “Himalayan” Salt is not sourced from Pakistan

As you may think, a Himalayan Salt Lamp bares its name because it’s from the “Himalayas” – right??

Well actually this assumption is kind of flawed and can be manipulated depending on perception.

The Himalayas stretch across a few different countries (India, Nepal, Pakistan, etc). Yet, according to Dr. Axe, the Himalayan salt crystals themselves are actually sourced from deep mines in Khewra, Pakistan (Punjab Province).

So, rather than being sourced from the peak of the mountains like you may have thought, they’re actually sourced from the western edge of the mountains.

When looking at different salt lamp products, ensure to keep your eye out for references to Pakistan or the Punjab Provence.

If a supplier guarantees that the salt is sourced from the peaks of the Himalayan Mountains or there is no reference that the salt is sourced from Pakistan, alarm bells should ring.

This is why researching the supplier including their reputation and their products before making your purchase is key.

NOTE: Just because someone says a product is from “Pakistan or the Himalayas”, does not automatically mean that the product is legit.

Instead the salt lamps may only be “assembled” there, with the salt itself being sourced from an entirely different region.


5. Your Salt Lamp Doesn’t Sweat, EVER!

Himalayan salt is said to have hygroscopic properties.

This means that the salt crystals tend to naturally attract and absorb water molecules from their environment due to their molecular structure.

This is why salt lamps can sometimes feel damp, leave water marks on furniture, or accumulate beads of moisture on their surface.

If you’ve never seen your salt lamp sweat or show signs of moisture (especially in humid environments or when raining), this could be a red flag that yours is a fake.


6. The Light Emitted is Very Bright! 

A key question I’d love to ask you is:

WHY do you want to buy a Himalayan salt lamp?

  • Is it because you want to light up or brighten a room?
  • Do you want it just for home decor?
  • Are you purchasing it for the perceived healing properties?

Due to the crystallised structure and density of the salt, the light emitted from Himalayan Salt Lamps can be quite poor.

You’ll most likely to get a dull glow, not a bright reading light like most of the traditional desk or floor lamps. This is why most salt lamps are used just to complement a space or as an evening light, rather than being the dominant or main light source.

If your lamp is very bright when turned on and looks to be all one colour, then “Houston we have a problem” ­… you’ve likely got yourself a fake Himalayan salt lamp….

Meme for Fake Himalayan Salt Lamp

You should now have some idea of what to look out for when reviewing different Himalayan Salt Lamp brands. 

To help you even further, I have included a review a few different brands on Amazon below. That way you can more successfully navigate the minefield, narrow down your options and purchase a good product.

Key Considerations when reviewing these products. 

The supplier/product has:

  • A trusted and verified reputation with a good history
  • A professional looking website
  • Many positive reviews from customers
  • A focus on customer service including a good returns policy and/or warranty.
  • Clear reference to the Himalayan Salt being sourced/mined from Pakistan
  • A Dimmer Switch
  • Protective packaging to reduce likelihood of damage during delivery
  • A wooden base to reduce the likelihood of marking furniture from “sweating”


A Review of Popular Himalayan Salt Lamp Brands on Amazon

Jeeez there looks to be so many bogus brands out there on Amazon…but also some really good ones too. 

After all my research and investigation here is my clear winner, based on the considerations above.


*The Winner!*


1. The Body Source Himalayan Salt Lamp – 3 sizes available 

The Good

  • 83% of the Amazon reviews are 5 Stars. This is a pretty amazing achievement on Amazon given the number of trolls out there
  • They are labelled the “Amazon’s Best Choice” with over 7,000 customer reviews.
  • The salt lamps are hand-carved Himalayan rock salt from Pakistan
  • The lamps come with a wooden base to help protect your furniture from the salt
  • They comes with a dimmer switch that customers say is easy to use, and an extra light bulb
  • Three different sizes are available to suit the desired room
  • Happy customers rave about the quality and size of the lamps, saying that they last and work well.
  • This company has a website which makes seem seem more legit and authentic, it also allows you to get in touch with them if anything is not right with your salt lamp

 The Bad

  • Some customers have mentioned issues with the salt lamps leaking and causing damage to their furniture. From my own experience, I don’t feel this is a HUG deal though. From what I know, signs of leaking is actually a good thing as it proves that the salt lamp is real – as salt naturally attracts water. However, to prevent damage to furniture / surfaces, I always have my lamps sitting on some form of placemat or coaster. This is important for all lamps I feel.
  • There have been some complaints about the globes used (15W) for the bigger lamp not being strong enough to warm it up and the supplier not being very helpful in this area. However, it appears that buying more powerful globes fixes the issue.

View on Amazon



Another Option

2. Himalayan Glow Himalayan Salt Lamp (8-11 lbs) 

Himalayan Glow Salt Lamp

 The Good

  • Labelled the #1 Best Seller on Amazon with over 22,000 customer reviews.
  • The supplier claim that the salt lamps are hand-carved Himalayan rock salt from Pakistan
  • The lamps come with a wooden base to help protect your furniture from the salt
  • It comes with a dimmer switch that customers say is easy to use
  • Happy customers rave about the quality and size of the lamps, saying that they last and work well.
  • 79% of the Amazon reviews are 5 Stars. This is a good percentage, especially given they have over 20,000 views, however does mean that it is important to check the negative reviews to see if there are an recurring defects that may concern you.

 The Bad

  • They have a warranty policy but it doesn’t seem to favour the customer – Here is it copied and pasted:

WBM LLC warrants its products to be free of defects in material and workmanship for 30 days from the shipment date unless otherwise noted. WBM LLC will replace any item returned to us within the parameters of this policy and found to be defective. All returned warranty-issue merchandise must be properly packed for a safe return shipment and in original purchase condition with the original packaging, the original receipt/invoice/packing slip and an explanation of the item’s problem. WBM LLC will not refund, credit or cover shipping expenses for warranty item returns or warranty item replacements under any circumstances. WBM LLC is not liable for misuse of its products. This warranty does not cover damage due to abuse, neglect, alteration, failure to follow instructions, shipping damage or damaged packaging.

  • The company doesn’t have a website – Well not that I can find anyway. I personally feel more comfortable when when companies have an online presence and professional website outside of Amazon.  They do have a facebook account though, which is good.
  • Some customers have mentioned issues with the light bulbs, where the lamp stops working after a day or so of use, as well as some manufacture defaults. Although this seems to be a recurring issue in the negative reviews, the ratio of positive reviews is much higher.
  • The product doesn’t come with extra light bulbs
  • There has also been delivery and quality inconsistencies with some lamps arriving broken or not as expected.

View on Amazon



If you’d like to learn more about Himalayan Salt Lamps you can also read the below articles:

  1. What is a Himalayan Salt Lamp & Why Do People Love Them?
  2. 5 Things to Know Before Buying a Himalayan Salt Lamp

Other than that, I wish you all the best!

And, enjoy treating yourself to a beautiful and soothing Himalayan Salt lamp!!

Essential Oils for Beginners Guide

Essential Oils for Beginners Guide

You’ve probably heard of Essential Oils.

But, have you ever researched where they come from or how they’re extracted before buying them?

Well, I know I definitely didn’t…up until this point anyway. 

For this article, I have done a TON of research on what you should look out for when buying essential oils.

At the end of this article, I will run through and review 5 popular Essential Oils Gift Sets. I highlight which essential oil brands I consider “Best Buy” and “Best Value” after extensive research and review.

These could be great options if essential oils are something you’re interested in buying for yourself or your home.

So firstly,


What are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are natural extracts that can be sourced from plant leaves, stems, fruit, roots, flowers, wood, bark and seeds.

They can’t be casually extracted from all plants – only a select few contain special essential oils.

Essential oils are highly concentrated and retain the flavour, smell or essence from the source they’ve been extracted from (Eg. Lemon Essential Oil is typically found in the lemon’s peel/rind).

In plants, essential oils are known to promote growth, metabolism, defence (warding off viruses, parasites, insects and fungi) and greater immunity.

This is why many believe that essential oils can have a profound benefit on our bodies too.

If undiluted with too high a concentration, some essential oils can be as potent as medicine or even toxic for our bodies.  Especially if ingested, which is not usually recommended.

This is why, in some cases, they are combined with a carrier oil. This helps to dilute the oil enough so it’s safe for general use.

When you buy a new oil or oil set, ensure to read the “directions of use”. This will help you to confirm whether the oil is safe to apply directly to skin, to burn or diffuse or whether it needs a carrier oil.


How are Essential Oils Extracted?

From my research, there appears to be many ways that essential oils are extracted from their source.

Certain techniques are considered better and more natural than others.

For example, steam distillation and cold-pressing seem to be the most natural ways of extraction, but there are also chemical-based methods that some companies use. 

Try to avoid these if you can!

Oils obtained this way are often NOT considered true essential oils because the chemicals used during the extraction process can taint or dilute them.

I’m not going to go into the complexities of extraction here, but the main thing you need to know is that the way an essential oil is collected can impact its scent. 

This can be the reason why some brands’ essential oils smell completely different to others, despite being sourced from the same plant.


What are the Benefits of Essential Oils?

I was quite surprised actually….

After doing some research, I realised that there is limited scientific evidence showing a direct correlation between essential oils and the diverse range of benefits many claim them to have.

In saying this, I use my essential oils almost daily and personally do feel that they have an impact on my mood and relax me when I’m stressed.

But, scientifically it appears difficult to test. Especially given one’s mood or symptoms are often individual, perceptive and intangible. This makes it hard to draw confident conclusions.

Aromatherapy and the medicinal use of essential oils have been practiced for centuries.

Nowadays, it’s becoming even more popular as people strive for more natural treatment options and therapies.

Essential oils are believed to improve general health and well-being. With each oil having its own unique medicinal properties.

Here are some believed health benefits below:

  • Improve digestion (Peppermint)
  • Nasal Decongestant (Eucalyptus)
  • Natural disinfectants and antiseptics due to their antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties
  • Provide natural relief for body aches and pains
  • Can help to reduce stress and anxiety symptoms (Lavender)
  • Reduce Insomnia and restlessness (Lavender)
  • Promote relaxation and positive mood, with some oils containing sedative properties
  • Provide immunity support

Essential oils are a great natural way to complement a healthy lifestyle, promote greater well-being and internal healing.

If you’d like to use them to better manage your stress and anxiety symptoms, go for it! But it is worth using them alongside other strategies and techniques for the best results.

You can read more about essential oils for stress and anxiety here:


Popular Essential Oils for Beginners

There are over 90 types of essential oils available around the world. 

Here are 10 popular essential oils that you can get and may have even heard of:

  • Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia or officinale) | Known to improve sleep, reduce irritability and relieve stress and anxiety symptoms. Can also be used on minor burns, headache and other pain relief.
  • Ylang – Ylang (Cananga odorata) | Can promote relaxation by reducing feelings of hypertension, stress and frustration. It can also help with treating headaches, skin conditions and acts as a natural antiseptic. Ylang-Ylang has been used in many perfumes including Channel No.5 as it is said to be a natural aphrodisiac! So, ok then – bring on the boys!!
  • Lemon(Citrus limonum) | Known to improve digestion, immunity, concentration and relaxation.
  • Bergamot (Citrus bergamia) | Known to reduce stress symptoms, boost mood and improve itchy skin conditions (eg. Rashes & Eczema).
  • Geranium(Pelargonium graveolens) | Promotes healthy hair and skin, enhances mood and emotional stability. Is also said to be great for relieving pain.
  • Frankincense (Boswellia carterii/serrata/frareana) | Is a natural anti-depressant providing emotional relief and increasing focus and patience.
  • Peppermint (Mentha piperita) | Used to assist with digestion, boost energy, reduce headaches and other sickness symptoms. 
  • German & Roman Chamomile (Matricaria recutita & Anthemis nobilis) | Known to promote relaxation, calmness and improve mood. Can also help with inflammation.
  • Tea Tree (Melaleuca alternifolia) | Known to boost immunity and fight bacterial, fungal and viral infections.
  • Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus globulus) | Can help with nasal decongestion and respiratory infections.


These are the most commonly spoken about benefits of the oils above. But, each person’s results can vary.

I suggest trying the oils out for yourself and seeing what you think. Gradually observe and see whether you can feel them having any impact on how you feel psychologically or physically.


Where Can You Buy Essential Oils?

Essential oils are now available all over the place. This can come in really handy, but can also be a disadvantage. Here’s why…

Due to the growing popularity and demand for essential oils all over the world, there are more and more companies starting to sell “look-alike” and impure essential oils. 

These companies of course continue to market their overly diluted and tainted oils as 100% pure, because the industry is not strictly regulated at the moment so they feel they can get away with it.

This can make things very confusing!!! Especially for beginners.

If you’re wanting top spec, high quality essential oils, be sure to look out for the following:

  • 100% natural & pure –Find a brand that contains only aromatic plant compounds and not any additional fragrances, fillers, artificial ingredients or synthetic oils.
  • Try to find essential oils that have been extracted using more natural methods.
  • Purchase a brand with a good reputation
  • Keep an eye out for sellers who reference the scientific botanical names of the oils rather than a generic name, but this can be a hit or miss with most companies not referring to scientific names.
  • Check whether the oils are free of pesticides or other chemical residues
  • The oils should by GC/MS Tested.This report shows all the chemical components that make up the oil. This should reveal oil there are any impurities in the oil.


I recently learned that some essential oils brands are network marketing companies. Simply, this means that they recruit bloggers and other people to act as reps for their products.

This means that in some circumstances, these reps can receive hefty discounts from these brands off their own essential oil purchases by selling them to others.

That’s why you may have noticed that DoTERRA is everywhere on Pinterest…

Now I understand why I see doTERRA everywhere on Pinterest and online. They are one of the biggest MLM companies and brands of essential oils! As is “Young Living”.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, I’m sure Doterra is a good product – but it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s better than everything else or the “be all, end all” for essential oils.

They also tend to be a lot more expensive products, yet the quality is not necessarily that much better than some of your smaller brands in the market. 

Just something to be mindful of…

Here are some other essential oil brands and products you can check out.

Note: I have included doTERRA as an option for those who are interested or who’d like to use it as a point of comparison. I also don’t want a riot on my hands from all the doTERRA fans out there!! haha!


A Review of 5 Popular Essential Oil Sets on Amazon

Here’s a list of 5 popular essential oils for beginners sets on Amazon currently that you can look into:


#5 – Fabulous Frannie – 14 Essential Oil Set (Approx $25)

Fabulous Frannie is a relatively popular essential oils brand on Amazon.

I had personally never heard of them before, but they have almost 1,000 customer reviews, which I guess, is a pretty good effort.

This 14 set of essential oils contains Eucalyptus, Grapefruit, Lavender, Lemon, Lemongrass, Lime, Patchouli, Peppermint, Pine, Rosemary, Spearmint, Sweet Orange, Tangerine and Tea Tree.

For the super cheap price, I feel that this could be a bit too good to be true – but who knows.


 The Good

  • They claim that their oils are therapeutic grade with no fillers, additives or carriers added
  • The oils are GC/MS tested
  • Many customers on Amazon have commented that the oils have exceeded their expectations.
  • Despite the cheap price, they also say that they love the smell and quality of the oils.
  • Comes in cute packaging
  • Responsive and helpful customer service

The Bad

  • I can’t find any information about how they extract the oils which is a red flag for me
  • They claim they are vegan and cruelty free – but this is a bit odd given essential oils come from plants not animals. Therefore, of course they’re vegan!! Derrrr!!! Unless they are referring to the oils being tested on animals which if I’m honest, I have no idea about…
  • Inconsistent volumes of essential oils in the bottles
  • Inconsistency with the names of the oils – with the ads saying pine oil, but then the bottles saying “fir needle.”
  • Customer complaints about leaking bottles on delivery (standard for oils it seems) and poor quality oils. 

The Bottom Line

If these oils are legit, then they are at an incredible price! I’m not sure I’m convinced that they’re 100% pure essential oils. But, I could be wrong. 

I can’t find any information about where they source their ingredients from, or how the oils are extracted. Their website really doesn’t have much detail about the products at all which does concern me.

My gut is telling me that there could be additional fragrances weaved in here, but it’s hard to know. Could be a good buy if you’re on a tight budget.

View on Amazon here


#4 – doTERRA – 10 Essentials Oils Family Set (Approx. $136)

“doTERRA” is one of the most popular brands of essential oils out at the moment. Some might say it has become a hip trend of it’s own.

This 10 essential oil set by doTerra contains Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint, Melaleuca, Oregano and Frankincense, as well as a few different essential oil blends; Deep Blue, doTERRA Breathe, DigestZen and doTERRA On Guard.

This would offer beginners some great diversity in trying different essential oils. But, do keep in mind that the bottles in this set are only 5mL rather than the usual 10mL of most gift sets.

 The Good

  • Pride themselves on providing high quality oils
  • Classify their oils as being CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade, but I think this may be based on their own criteria rather than being an industry-wide test.
  • They extract their oils through steam distillation and cold pressing – which is good.
  • Customers have said that they like how the gift set contains short descriptions about the products
  • Comes in nice and secure packaging

The Bad

  • Not sure if GC/MS tested
  • Some customers say it’s a waste of money
  • Issues with some bottles not being full or of equal volumes
  • The kit only comes with 5mL bottles, whereas many other kits contain 10mL.
  • Although you may be getting a larger variety of oils they are all super tiny in size.
  • They are an MLM (pyramid selling) company.

The Bottom Line

To be 100% honest with you all, since I found out that doTERRA are an MLM focused company, I’m put off.

This just my personal opinion…

I’m sure that there are many bloggers out there who are giving honest recommendations and reviews on doTERRA. But, I’m also sure that there’d be some who are happy to line their own pockets rather than focus on interests of their customers.

If you’re after a reliable and quality essential oil for a SUPER EXPENSIVE price, then go for it! There are many happy customers of doTERRA, so I think in general, it is a pretty safe option.

View on Amazon here


#3 – Natrogix Bliss – 9 Essential Oils Set (Approx. $20) 

I personally hadn’t heard of Natrogix’s Essential Oils before doing my research on Amazon.  Yet, they are also quite popular.

At this point in time they have almost 1,500 customer reviews with 74% positive. Jeeezus!

They offer a 9-set of Essential Oils which is think is great and really gives you a good diversity at a reasonable price.

You get Tea Tree oil, Lemon, lavender Sweet Orange, Rosemary Lemon Grass, Frankincense, Peppermint and Eucalyptus.

 The Good

  • They claim that their oils are 100% pure with NO pesticides, herbicides, GMOs or other additives.
  • All oils are GC/MS tested and they give you codes and reports so you can see the results
  • Have super cute packaging
  • They include an e-book to help educate you about the oils, various recipes and general safety etc
  • Supposedly have good customer service
  • They have a really great and informative website: https://natrogix.com/about-us/

The Bad

  • Many have shared concerns regarding the quality of the oils. Some have stated that they appear to be highly diluted or impure.
  • Some have complained about the oils pouring out of the bottles really fast which causes them to go through them really quickly.
  • I can’t find any information about their extraction methods either, so not sure how natural their process is

The Bottom Line

The website, the e-book provided and so many other things make me want to buy this product. 

But, there are a few things including their extraction methods and the bad smelling reviews that make me unsure.

They also mention that “smell isn’t everything about essential oils”, which could put a lot of customers off buying.

Instead they focus on highlighting the importance of the oils being absorbed into our body for general health and wellbeing – which I think is pretty ballsy.

Having over 1,000 5-Star Amazon reviews is pretty awesome in my eyes and must mean something. So, I’d probably give these guys a go.

View on Amazon here


#2 – Plant Therapy – 6 Set of Organic Essential Oils (Approx $30)

Plant Therapy is quite a well known brand for providing good quality essential oils.

Their set contains 6 different essential oils including: Eucalyptus, Lemon, Peppermint, Sweet Orange, Tea Tree and Lavender.

This is again another diverse set of oils for anyone who is a beginner to essential oils, or is unsure what kinds of smells they like.

 The Good

  • Company claims that all oils are 100% pure and undiluted, except for their roll-on products which are diluted for safe use on skin.
  • Oils are apparently non-GMO and USDA Organic – but not sure whether there are such things as GMO and non-organic oils! Haha
  • Are GC/MS Tested
  • Offer some “KidSafe”formulas and options in addition to their usual oils
  • They have certified Aromatherapists on staff
  • Plant Therapy offer a vast range of different sized oils – from 2.5ml-10ml and 10-30ml.
  • Reasonable price and great reviews on Amazon.
  • Many customers state that the quality of the oils is really good for the price and that they smell really nice too.

The Bad

  • On the contrary, some customers on Amazon have said that the oils smell bad, are really faint or disappear after a while when burning them.
  • Some have mentioned leaking products on delivery which they found disappointing, but this a common problem with products bought online.

The Bottom Line

The Plant Therapy oils could be another good option to go for.

They have many positives associated with their brand and products. The main negatives that customers highlight really come down to personal preference and opinion.

The “leaky” delivery concern is a common issue across many essential products on Amazon.

This one could be a great on to consider for your essential oils purchase.

View on Amazon here.


#1 – Edens Garden – 6 Essential Oils Set (Approx $33)

Edens Garden is another pretty well known and growing brand in the essential oils space.

Thier 6-set of Essential Oils comes with Lemon, Eucalyptus, Lavender, Peppermint, Sweet Orange and Tea Tree.

This gives you some great variety, especially if you are new to essential oils and are not quite sure what scents you life or dislike yet.

 The Good

  • They don’t engage in MLM or pyramid selling and were actually voted the #1 Non-MLM essential oil company
  • Their mission is to sell products that are 100% pure and therapeutic grade.
  • NO add bases, fillers, additives, etc to any of their oils! They try to keep the oils in their purest forms.
  • All oils are GC/MS tested
  • Their products are sourced from organic growers and distillers and extract the oils using steam distillation or cold pressed methods. They avoid synthetic additives – which is a good sign in my books.
  • 10% of profits are given to organisations which they feel are helping to build a better tomorrow
  • Customer reviews on Amazon say that the oils smell great and that they appear to be high quality.
  • The price is also really reasonable.

The Bad

  • Some customers have complained about the smell of the oils saying that overtime they either disappear or start to smell chemically. But this seems to be a common trend with all oils really.
  • Apparently, their customer service isn’t great, leaving some customers quite pissed off.
  • Some have experienced issues with leaky bottles on delivery.

The Bottom Line

From what I can see, 81% of all customer reviews have been 5-Stars. This is a lot more compared to some of the other essential oil brands I looked at. 

In terms of the concerns regarding delivery (leaking or broken bottles), I think this is a common issue with Amazon and essential oil products in general. I’m not going to hold that against company itself.

There are also mixed comments regarding their customer service – some saying good and others saying bad.

The changing smell comments are interesting. I’ve never experienced this with my essential oils so I can’t really relate. But, this can be based on personal preferences and perception too, like the other oils.

The bottom line for me, is that the positives clearly outweigh the negatives. I’m actually considering buying the gift pack for myself to give these ones a go!

If you’re looking to get started with a reasonably priced, diverse and reliable essential oils product, I’d suggest checking them out.

View on Amazon here.


So, there you go!!

There are many other essential oils brands that you can research, but these are the main ones that stood out to me and were popular on Amazon.

Gosh!! Writing this article has been such a learning experience for me. I hope it will be for you too!!

It has also taken me a ton of time to put together, so I really hope that you like it and find the information valuable.

In summary, here are the products I would recommend, and to be honest – I’m probably going to buy some of these myself, because now I’m super curious!!


My Recommendations – Essential Oils for Beginners:


~ Best Buy ~

#1 – Edens Garden – 6 Essential Oil Set 


  • They don’t offer incentives to blogger/sellers to promote their product – Ie. Pyramid or MLM Selling
  • Oils are GC/MS tested
  • Their mission is to provide essential oils in their purest form, which is why they aim to extract oils using steam distillation or cold pressing (These are the most natural processes).
  • Prices are reasonable for what you get
  • Having a set of 6 oils gives you good diversity and a chance to test different oils.
  • 81% of its reviews on Amazon are 5 star – that’s hard to beat.
  • The major concerns about the product were smell (which I think is perceptive) and leaky/damaged bottles at delivery.
  • They invest 10% of products back into the community – which I think is pretty awesome.

This would be my pick for sure! With Plant Therapy being a very close 2nd.

If you’re interested in getting some “Edens Garden” oils, you can view them here on Amazon.

~ Best Value ~

#2 – Natrogix – 9 Essential Oils Set


  • They have over 1,500 reviews on Amazon, with 74% of these reviews being 5 start reviews.
  • Their website is really informative which I think is great.
  • They provide good customer service

Assuming that the oils are 100% pure and high quality based off what they have said, I believe this pack would be best value for money.

Definitely, worth trying out if you are interested in getting started with essential oils but don’t want to break your bank account.

If you’d like to get some “Natrogix” oils, you can view them on Amazon here.

I wish you all the best with your essential oils. Essentially given choosing the right essential oils for beginners can be challenging sometimes!

Let me know how you go and leave any comments you have below!