Coronavirus Meditation Series | Find Relief During the Outbreak

Coronavirus Meditation Series | Find Relief During the Outbreak


Goodness me….With everything going on lately, it literally feels like the world is about to end.

People losing their jobs.

Businesses closing down.

Shops closed.

And many held in isolation all over the world.

The Coronavirus has definitely had its impact on all of us and truth be told, I worry about the impact that this is going to have on people’s mental health.

In Australia alone, we already average about 8 suicides a day!

And with the wide impact of the Coronavirus, I predict the numbers spike dramatically this year.

A very scary time ahead indeed….

That is why I have developed a 10-day Coronavirus Meditation Series to help you keep calm and grounded during isolation.



About the 10 Day Coronavirus Meditation Series

The 10-day Coronavirus Meditation Series is designed to help you create a safe space where you can:

  • Relax your body
  • Unwind
  • Detach from any past or present concerns
  • Detach from all the stress and uncertainty around you and
  • Be present in and enjoy a moment of peace

I hope that these short 5-10 minute videos will help you to find a greater sense of calm, relaxation and sanity during this highly stressful, saddening and uncertain time.

For many, self-isolation can be really difficult.

That is why it is now more important than ever to keep yourself occupied and discover new ways to keep yourself entertained and in good mental health.

And what better idea than to spend the time learning a new skill, such as Meditation.

In addition to helping us cope during the Coronavirus outbreak, Meditation can also improve our mental health and wellness in the future too.

AND the great thing about meditation is that it requires very little to get started.

Meditation can be done at home and only demands that you have access to yourself and a distraction-free, quiet meditation space.

There are so many benefits of meditation, which is why meditation is a practice that is growing steadily all over the world.

For the purpose of this article, I’m only going to speak about the benefits of meditation in relation to dealing with the Coronavirus Pandemic.


Benefits of This Coronavirus Meditation Series

This series will benefit you significantly by:

  • Teaching you the basics of meditation in daily, short and easy to digest videos
  • Creating a safe space where you can unwind, relax and detach from the stressors surrounding your right now
  • Allow your body to refresh and regenerate
  • Activating your Parasympathetic Nervous System (PNS) which is important for countering our natural stress response.

By activating your PNS, you are able to reduce the release and circulation of stress hormones in your body.

When not managed effectively, these stress hormones (Adrenaline & Cortisol) can create havoc in your body.

They can lead to chronic stress, weaken your immune system and cause detrimental impacts to your health in the long term.

If you’d like to take part in our 10-Day Coronavirus Meditation Video Series, ensure to check out and subscribe to our Youtube Channel.

That way you can stay up to date with new videos as we release them as well.

For your convenience, I have also included links to all of the videos and a short description about each of them below.



Day 1: Why Meditation is More Important than Ever, Right Now!

Meditation Video Series - Day 1

In this video, I talk about why Meditation is more important than ever right now.

Meditation can help you find a sense of grounding, peace and quiet.

It can also help you escape the constant bombardment from the media and other sources that continue to cause additional stress, anxiety and fear.

I end the video with a short1-minute Mindfulness Meditation to give you and insight and taste of what we will be covering in the upcoming videos.

Click here to watch the video.


Day 2: Getting Your Posture Right & a 2-Minute Guided Mindfulness Meditation

Coronavirus Meditation Video Series

In this video, I talk about the importance of feeling comfortable while you meditate, especially when learning.

Feeling uncomfortable during meditation is never good because it distracts your attention away from your item of focus.

This means that you will never experience the greatest benefit from meditation because your attention is divided.

Forcing yourself to sit in discomfort is not goo either because it can cause you to despise and procrastinate with your practice.  We don’t want this!

That is why, I want you to focus mostly on being comfortable rather than contorting into a specific meditation poses or posture. If you’d like to read more about the best Meditation Poses for Beginners, check out our Meditation Poses Guide.

At the end of this video, I also guide you through a quick 2-minute Mindfulness Meditation.

Click here to watch the video


Day 3: A Intro to Deep Breathing & a 3-minute Guided Mindfulness Meditation

Coronavirus Meditation: Deep Breathing for Meditation

In this video, I talk about the importance of deep breathing and how it can promote greater relaxation during your meditation practice.

Deep breathing is also fabulous because it is a natural technique that can help to relieve stress and anxiety symptoms too.

We then, finish off the video with a short 3-minute guided meditation, focused on your breath.

Click here to watch the video


Day 4: A 4-minute Guided Mindfulness Meditation

Day 4 of the Meditation Series for COVID-19

In this video, I run you through a 4-minute guided Mindfulness Meditation.

Simply, Mindfulness Meditation relates to focusing your awareness on the present moment. It involves calmly observing and accepting your current thoughts, emotions and bodily sensations as they arise.

You want to acknowledge your thoughts, but not get involved in them or judge them. Instead, just accept them as they, let them go and return your attention to your breath.

The rest of the videos from here on are more about the meditation, therefore there will be less discussion.

Click here to watch the video.  


Day 5: A 5-Minute Guided Body Scan Meditation

Meditation Series - Coping with COVID 19

In this video, I run you through a 5-minute guided Body Scan Meditation.

Simply, Body Scan Meditation is a great technique to help release any tension in the body, that you may not have been aware of our have been ignoring.

Body scanning involves gradually paying attention to parts of your body in a relaxed sequence from head to feet, or reverse from feet to head.

You close your eyes and tune in to how your body feels, with the intention of identifying tense areas and then relieving them with breathing, tense-release techniques or stretching.

Click here to watch the video.



Day 6: A 5-minute Guided Mindfulness & Gratitude Meditation 

Meditation for Coronavirus - Day 6: Gratitude Meditation

In this video, I provide a quick reflection of what we covered last week in terms of posture, deep breathing and mindfulness meditation.

I also talk about the power of Gratitude Meditation, and why practicing gratitude during your meditation practice can have a powerful impact on how you start your day. It’s always beneficial to focus on the positive in your life, rather than the negative.

We the end the video with a short 5-minute Guided Gratitude & Mindfulness Meditation.

Click here to watch the video


Day 7: A 6-Minute Guided Body Scan Meditation

Day 7 - Meditation Series

In this video, I run you through a 6-minute guided Body Scan Meditation to give you more time practicing this technique. I also take you through some tension-relieving upper body stretches to help remove some stiffness in your body.

If you are finding it difficult to identify areas of tension, or relieve specific areas of tension, don’t worry! This stress relieving technique can take some time and practice to master.

Let me know of any areas you are struggling to relieve tension in and I’ll ensure to share some stretches and tips that can help you.

Click here to watch the video 


Day 8: Handy Meditation Resources for Beginners

Handy Meditation Resources for Beginners

In this video, I highlight some simple and inexpensive Meditation Resources that are great for beginners to start out with on their meditation journeys.

They can help to improve the quality of your meditation by increasing comfort and setting the tone of your practice. This can help you to reap greater rewards from your meditation practice.

Click here to watch the video


Day 9: A 6-Minute Guided Mindfulness Meditation

COVID-19 Meditation - Day 9 - Mindfulness Meditation

In this video, I run you through an 6-minute guided Mindfulness Meditation to help you build your meditation practice.

I hope that you are now starting to feel more confident with meditating from home and getting more comfortable and familiar with some of the basic foundations of meditation.

Click here to watch the video


Day 10: How to Build a Rewarding Meditation Routine

Day 10: How to Build a Rewarding Meditation Routine

In this video, I highlight the importance of building a meditation routine, including what you can do to get started.

The things to remember, is that just like any other habit, learning how to meditate takes time, consistency, commitment and self-discipline.

If you don’t have either of those things, you’re going to find it hard to meditate successfully each day.

But… the juice is soo worth the sqeeze guys.

So for a little bit of time and dedication now, you can save yourself so much energy, stress and anxiety in the future.

Click here to watch the video.  (COMING SOON…)


What These Videos Don’t Cover…

Keep in mind – these videos only cover the absolute basics of Meditation.

If you’re wanting a step-by-step guide on how to meditate, including correct meditation poses & posture and building a meditation routine, you should check out our “Journey to Calm” Meditation for Beginners eCourse.

In this course, I give you all the detail that you need to build a successful meditation routine from home in 14 days.

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In this course, you will learn about the basic concepts of meditation.

This includes:

  • it’s benefits for our health
  • How it can help with relieving stress and anxiety and
  • Why it is so important to build a meditation routine.

Get started with the FREE Meditation e-Course today by entering your details below. 

I look forward to seeing you soon in one of our videos.

Have a beautiful day and keep safe and stay healthy.