7 FREE Yoga and Meditation Music Playlists for Stress Relief & Relaxation

7 FREE Yoga and Meditation Music Playlists for Stress Relief & Relaxation

When learning to meditate, maintaining concentration and preventing your mind drifting off into a parade of thoughts can be challenging.

Sometimes, listening to peaceful music can help to relax and calm your mind.

This is turn allows you to experience greater quality meditation sessions and therefore, reap greater health benefits from your sessions.

Here are some awesome & FREE Yoga & Meditation Music Playlists to help you get started.

I personally use Spotify for my music and this is where I came across these playlists.

But, I think you should be able to find them on Apple Music too.


1) Insight Timer (Free phone app)

Insight Timer Meditation App

This app is truly awesome for a whole range of reasons. Personally, I’m a huge fan!

Not only does it have a great range of meditation and yoga music you can choose from, but you also get access to a whole range of guided meditations – All for FREE!

These guided meditations are fantastic if you’re a beginner and have no idea where to start with your sessions or find it very easy to get distracted if not listening to something in the background.

The app also has an in-built meditation timer which allows you to set a time limit for your sessions. So, rather than being woken up abruptly by your phone’s alarm, can you choose your own Tibetan singing bowl that you’d like to use.

If meditating for over 5 minutes, you can also add interval bells to let you know where you’re up to during your practice. This means that you don’t need to open your eyes and pause your session to check your phone. Awesome! I know right…

You can read more about Insight Timer here. Otherwise you can just download it straight away from your Phone’s App Store.


2) Yoga & Meditation Playlist

Yoga & Meditation Music Playlist

This meditation playlist is available on Spotify and possibly Apple Music.

It’s great if you’re after some peaceful and calming music during your meditation or yoga practice. It consists of slow instrumental music – like that which day spas play when you’re getting a massage.

It’s super popular with lots of followers, so I would think that they update it quite regularly.


3) Meditation Music Zone – Deep Meditation: Relaxation, Sleep, Massage, Yoga, Meditation

Meditation Music Zone - Meditation Music Playlist

This is another Spotify playlist which is again awesome for getting you into your meditation zone.

This playlist also consists of calming instrument music including piano and guitar, as well as sounds of nature. During your practice you’ll hear waves crashing, wind flowing, birds, rain and also a range of different binaural beats.

A great thing about this playlist is that they songs are actually named to match your practice. For example, they have songs titled: Reduce Stress, Reiki Healing, Mindfulness Meditation, Inner Balance, Relax & Meditate, Inner peace etc.


4) Music for Deep Meditation – Chanting Om

meditation music playlist - music for deep meditation

This meditation music playlist has a whole mix of different kinds of background music that you can meditate or practice yoga to.

From calming instrumental background music to music with chants and singing this playlist can help to add some diversity to your Spotify playlists.

If you’ve been meditating for a while and are really interested in the different Chakras of the body, many of these songs have titles related specific Chakras you may be focusing on.


5) Meditate to the Sounds of Nature

Meditation music playlist - Meditation with Nature

This meditation music playlist is awesome when you’re craving a certain type of weather but the current season is not in your favour.

You can listen to tranquil music that contains birds chirping, running river water, thunder storms with heavy rain and many other forest noises in the background.

Sometimes in summer, when I’m craving the cosy sensation of being inside whilst listening to a big thunderstorm , I’ll chuck this beautiful playlist on.


6) Instrumental Relaxation [Meditation/Spa/Sleep/Nap/Dream]

Meditation music Playlist - Relaxing instrumental-min

This meditation music playlist is also really chill and tranquil. You can also find it easily by searching on Spotify.

Regardless of whether you’d like to listen to it during meditation or as background music before bed, this music contains some lovely instrumental pieces to help you unwind and focus.

I listen to this one quite regularly myself and have it as a saved playlist on my Spotify account, so I can reference it quickly.


7) Buddhist Temple of Tranquility ZEN

Meditation Music Playlist - Buddhist Zen

The music in this playlist is nice if you’re looking for relaxation and calming music with peaceful instrumentals, sounds of nature and some Tibetan bowls in the background.

It is pretty similar to some of the playlist above, but is another options if you want to mix up the playlists that you listen to each day.


These 7 FREE yoga & meditation music playlists will make great additions to your meditation practice by helping to calm your mind, improve your focus and help you feel refreshed and rejuvenated after your practice. 

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