How to Be Mindful (without meditation) – 5 Simple Tips

How to Be Mindful (without meditation) – 5 Simple Tips

Heard about mindfulness but not sure how to be mindful without meditation?

If meditation isn’t really your thing, there are many other activities you can do to feel more mindful during your day.

When I was starting my journey with mindfulness, meditation was the first technique I tried.

But, despite what some may think, in the beginning, I actually really struggled with keeping a consistent meditation routine.

That’s what prompted me to look into other ways to be mindful, without having to sit down to meditate.

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I describe this handbook i more detail towards the end of this article.

Here’s a summary of mindfulness activities you can check out, and I’ll explore them in more detail below:

  1. Being Mindful During Exercise
  2. Mindfulness Whilst in the Shower or Bath
  3. Mindful Deep Breathing
  4. Mindfulness Whilst Doing Chores
  5. Mindfulness Whilst Eating

These days, there are so many things that we do out of habit and on auto-pilot.

But, what if we could instead tune into these routine tasks and notice the sensations we feel during them?

What if we could use them as a way to be mindful, without having to really think about it or formally sit down to meditate? 

That would be awesome, right? I think it’d be pretty darn handy!


1) How to Be Mindful During Exercise

In my opinion, exercise is a very underrated activity when it comes to mental health. It is also a great activity for mindfulness.

A simple way you can be mindful during exercise is by paying attention to the sensations of running.

For example, as you’re running, consider:

  • How does it feel?
  • What do your foot steps feel like on the pavement?
  • What is your breathing rhythm? Fast or Slow?
  • What song are you listening to? Does it have a beat?
  • Can you hear any nature or animal sounds? etc.

Paying attention to the present moment when you’re running is a simple way to be more mindful, without meditation.

How to be mindful in the shower

2) How to Be Mindful in the Shower

If you’re wanting to learn how to be more mindful without meditation, the simplest way to start is in the shower.

At the end of the day, most of us (again, i repeat, most of us) shower at least once a day. This makes it the perfect opportunity to have quality quiet time to yourself.

Why not make the most of it?

The shower is a great time to be mindful, you have time to tune into the present moment and just enjoy it for what it is.

Whilst in the shower:

  • Take a moment to pamper yourself.
  • Feel the sensations of the warm water on your skin
  • What does your soap smell like?
  • How does the running water sound?

Enjoy tuning out of everything else that may be going on in your mind, and just focus on the immediate sensations you experience in that moment.

(I must admit…I’m now kind of craving a shower!)


3) Mindful Deep Breathing

Deep breathing is another great way to be mindful, especially if meditation and/or exercise are not your favourite thing. It is also a very simple technique to learn – which is awesome!

Deep breathing involves taking a moment to focus on your breath, slow down your breathing and ensure that you are taking some deep breaths into your body.

Strive to let go of any past or future thoughts that are running through your mind, and instead focus on the sensations associated with breathing.

For example,

  • How does the air feel flowing in and out of your body?
  • Is it warm or cold?
  • How does the expansion of your diaphragm feel?

There is something naturally calming about focusing on your breath. This is why it is such a great and simple mindfulness technique to learn.

If you’d like to learn more about deep breathing techniques, ensure to check out the following article.


How to be mindful whilst eating

4) How to Eat Mindfully

  • How often do you sit an watch TV whilst eating your dinner?
  • How often do you gulp down lunch whilst continuing to work at your desk?

These days, many of us have forgotten what it is like to truly tune into, and treasure, the food that we put into our mouths.

Yet, eating is one of the most rewarding, sacred and pleasurable things we get to do in our day... especially when eating something you love. For me, that’s chocolate!!!

Mindful eating has many benefits.

It can prevent overeating because we naturally become more conscious of what we’re putting into our mouths and gives our gut and brain more time to signal that we’re full.

This reduces our likelihood of unwanted weight gain because we naturally start to eat less.

To eat mindfully, the key thing to do is to slow down and savour your meals. Also try to eat without being surrounded by distractions or things that lure your attention away.

Try and avoid the habit of automatically turning on the TV when eating dinner. Maybe even take your lunch into a seperate room or eat it outside, rather than at your desk.

Consider the colours, smells and texture of your food as you eat it. Take one bite at a time, chew slowly and savour the flavours.

  • Is it smooth or crunchy?
  • Does the food melt in your mouth?
  • Are you eating something sweet or savoury?
  • How does it make you feel? (Eg. relaxed, refreshed, satisfied, hungry, full)

Every time you catch yourself getting distracted or starting to rush your eating, pause and take a breath. Then go back to noticing your food.


5) How to Be Mindful Whilst Doing Chores 

Although this may not be as pleasurable as having a shower or eating some chocolate, you can also be mindful whilst doing your routine household chores.

Yep! That’s right.

Even activities such as cleaning the dishes can be mindful activities.

Again, it’s all about focusing your attention on what you’re doing in that present moment, and acknowledging the sensations that come from it.

So for example, if you’re washing the dishes, you may tune into:

  • how hot the water is
  • the repetitive movements you make
  • the rhythm of washing your dishes

It could even be enjoyable to play some music as you work your way through it.

Doing dishes doesn’t have to be boring! Make it fun by using it as an opportune moment to detach from existing thoughts, worries or concerns and instead, be mindful of what you’re doing.


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