Meditation Resources


There are many resources available to help you improve the quality and comfort of your meditation practice. From cushions and yoga mats to essential oils and salt lamps – there’s something for everyone!

The FREE courses available have been created by yours truly and the products are ones I personally use for meditation or relaxation purposes.  Some may not be the exact brand that I use, but are very similar and have been highly recommended/ rated by others.

NOTE*** This page may contain affiliate links, meaning that I may get a percentage of a product price if purchased, but it comes at no additional cost to you and does not impact the products I recommend. It just helps to finance the other free content published on this site.  🙂 

Recommended Products:

We all know that Himalayan salt lamps look absolutely beautiful when lit, but did you know that they also benefit your health and well-being?

For starters, they can help to:

  • Neutralise the Electro Magnetic Field (EMF) that we get in our homes, due to having extensive electrical devices surrounding us
  • Correct the imbalance of ions in our home environments
  • Purify the air; restoring and preserving natural air quality
  • Reduce stress and anxiety, as well as the symptoms of allergies and asthma 

To learn more about Himalayan rock salt lamps, click the links below:

I have two Himalayan Tea-Light Holders in my own bedroom and am in love with them!

Sometimes I just turn off my lights and watch them flicker in the darkness, or use them as part of my meditation practice (ambiance)

There’s always something very soothing about them; helping to melt away feelings of stress or anxiety.

If you’d like to learn more about Himalayan rock salts and these Tea-light holders, click the links below:

If you’d like to have a buffer between yourself and the ground, a Gaiam Yoga Mat could be a great way to improve comfort during your meditation practice.

Especially if you’re not all that keen on buying a meditation pillow.

I recently bought this mat as a gift to myself at Christmas and I love it. I bought one for my sister too.

Unlike other yoga mats out there, this mat is thin, flexible and grippy. This is great if you do yoga or stretching in addition to meditation (as I do).

Read more about it below: 

Zafu Meditation Cushion

I used to suffer from lower back pain during meditation, but since purchasing this exact meditation cushion, I find everything to be so much more comfortable. I don’t have to keep adjusting my pose or changing my position all the time – which is such a relief!

If you experience back pain when in seated meditation positions or just want to improve the general comfort of your practice, a Zafu cushion could be one of the best investments you make.

Below I have included links to the meditation cushion brand that I personally bought and use daily. This would be a great option to check out:


I just love Essential oils – They’re are brilliant and smell incredible!

They can also act as a natural remedy to help reduce anxiety and stress-related symptoms and relax you at the end of a busy day.

Unfortunately, there are many bad quality oils sold on the market these days, which is why I have done my research and only recommend 100% Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils.

That includes oils with no fillers, synthetics, additives, bases, or carriers added.

I recommend the essential oils kit by Edens Garden – You can check them out with the link below or read more about them here.


FREE Courses & Printables!

As a newbie to meditation, this 3-Day FREE Meditation eCourse will help you to gain an insight into:


  • The basics of Mindfulness Meditation
  • The Health Benefits of Meditation
  • How Meditation can help with overcoming stress & anxiety
  • The importance of regular practice
  • Other Meditation Tips for beginners 

If you’re struggling to manage stress and anxiety and would like to learn about some natural ways to relieve your symptoms, ensure to download our FREE “Stress & Anxiety Relief” Printable. 

Gain insight into:

  • Simple techniques to reduce stress & anxiety symptoms, without medication!
  • A list of activities that you easily incorporate into your routine, to feel happier and less stressed each & every day.

This FREE Daily Checklist reveals 12 simple things you can start doing each day to feel:

  • Happier and more positive 
  • A greater sense of meaning and fulfillment in your life
  • Less stressed & anxious
  • More productive during your day

From making your bed in the morning and eating a healthy breakfast to daily meditation, positive affirmations, expressing gratitude or even reducing your time spent on social media, these 12 simple things can have a profound impact on the level of happiness you feel each day.

So, what have you got to lose? Go for it!