The Complete Meditation Poses Guide for Beginners


Learn how to improve comfort and focus during meditation with the Complete Meditation Poses Guide for Beginners. Get an entire toolkit of tips & tricks to help you reduce back pain, reduce discomfort and improve concentration during your meditation sessions. Start reaping the benefits of meditation today!

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This 30 page Meditation Poses Guide was created with beginners in mind, so that you can receive the guidance you need to:

  • choose the right meditation pose for your body
  • improve your posture and
  • improve comfort during meditation.

When getting started many newbies experience the following challenges: 

  • Getting in a comfortable position that they can stay in for long periods of time
  • Experiencing lower and upper back pain or tension during meditation
  • Maintaining focus and concentration during their practice
  • Trying to start with a too advanced pose (Eg. Lotus) and losing confidence with their ability practice

I know for me, these things prevented me from really delving into my meditation practice.

Before learning about the different poses available to beginners, I started my meditation journey meditating in a pose that was too advanced for my body.

After all, it was based on what I’d seen on the internet…

Because of this, I’d find myself procrastinating, not enjoying the practice, constantly shifting my posture and getting distracted during the process.

These shared struggles can prevent beginners from continuing their practice and turning it into a daily habit.

Let’s ensure that’s not you!!

Product - Meditation Poses GUide

By purchasing the Meditation Poses Guide for Beginners, you will learn:

  • Why good posture is key for your meditation practice
  • Tips & tricks to help improve your posture (With 6 key areas to focus on)
  • Simple & easy meditation poses for beginners (Seated, Kneeling, Standing & Lying Down)
  • How to reduce back pain and discomfort during meditation including a whole range of different exercises and products you can try to find relief
  • Common concerns and frequently asked questions regarding meditation poses
  • *BONUS* – FREE Beginners Posture Checklist – A summary of the 10 steps you should follow to improve your posture

If you’re tired of experiencing pain and discomfort during meditation, and really want to start reaping the rewards of meditation, you’re in the right place!

Start reaping the benefits of meditation today by finding a comfortable pose!

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The Complete Meditation Poses Guide - Finding Happiness


Ashleigh Page

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