How I went from stressed, anxious, tired and having a nervous breakdown in 2016, to backpacking around the world solo and re-discovering what makes me happy.

How I learned to love myself, accept my flaws, embrace my strengths, reduce stress & anxiety,  find greater happiness from within and let go of negative vibes through meditation, mindfulness and other natural remedies & techniques.

It All Began With An Idea.

A few years ago, I was in a similar position to many of you.

I was working full-time in a “good” job and earning “good” money, but in a role and industry, I had little passion for.

I had sacrificed many things to focus on getting a good “career” that would pay me the “big bucks”, yet I felt regularly stressed, anxious, on edge and exhausted because of it.

I’d commute to work observing other “worker-bees”; noticing how robotic we all seemed.

All programmed that this is what life is, or at least, what society tells us we should do to achieve success.

Get up in the morning. Go to work. Work all day. Come home. Cook dinner. Watch a movie.

Repeat the process again tomorrow.


But, this is what success looks like, right?

Something Had to Change.

I’d sit in my car blankly wondering:

“Is this it? Is this really what the rest of my life is going to be like?”

Feeling constantly stressed, overworked, unfulfilled, run-down and emotionally out of control?

Picture a boiling kettle on a stove top. 

That was me.

When the control I thought I had over my life started slipping, I started realising that my ability to “hold it all together”  was decreasing.

I was starting to implode from all the stress, anxiety and adrenaline circling around in my body, eventually leading to a nervous breakdown.

Something critical had to change in my life but I wasn’t sure what to do…

The BIG Decision.

After much pain and suffering, I decided to QUIT my soul-sucking job to travel around the world, which had been my lifelong dream.

It also gave me the opportunity to hit the “reset” button on my life.

Whilst travelling, I decided to start my meditation journey. This was also something I had wanted to do but had put off for years.

Some of the reasons I had put it off was because I thought meditation was a bit “lame”, “too woo woo”, that I was to stressed to meditate or that I had no time.

But after keeping consistent with my practice, I started to notice gradual shifts in my mindset and how I viewed the world around me.

Truth be told, I was surprised….

I had also realised that there was so much more to being happy, than having a good career, education and money.

It prompted me to start doing my research into how it all worked.



    After seeing the life-changing results I was getting from meditation and mindfulness, I became obsessed with sharing what I had learned with others.

    I wanted to challenge the stigma and teach people why meditation can be be done by anyone anywhere.

    It’s not just a religious and spiritual practice, but can also be used to help people:

    • Reduce stress and anxiety naturally before than turning to medication
    • Boost performance, focus and decision making
    • Become more self-aware by tuning into their bodies
    • Find their true purpose by focusing on what they love and being grateful for what they have
    • Live a happier and healthier life
    • Master their mindset and thoughts
    • Transform their lives for the better

    Finding Happiness Was Born.

    After seeing the results I had been getting, I created Finding Happiness.

    A safe haven where high-achievers can learn how to master their mindset and transform their lives, naturally through meditation, holistic health and ruthless productivity.

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